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5 Reasons for Cats Slap Each Other

 5 Reasons for Cats Slap Each Other

Despite the prolonged isolation, cats can live in the same house as dogs and get along perfectly. 

They can even form bonds with each other. In a house with several cats, you can see one cat periodically slapping the other. Why do cats behave like this?

Do they seem to be participating in some kind of fight? Is it possible that something else is happening?

Cats spank each other for many reasons:

A cat can slap another cat for a variety of reasons. The key to understanding why your cats spank is to observe their body language and behavior. Although some causes are less than acceptable, cats constantly spank each other.

1. when the Playing time Started

Cats who are lively and sociable can use flip-flops to initiate the game. Cats that spank each other and invite each other to play have playful cat body language. They will tilt their mustache forward and focus their attention on the issue at hand. They will remove their claws to avoid accidental injury during slapping. There will be no howls, screams, or whistles from a cat whose slaps cause a similar reaction in the other. All these non-verbal signs indicate that clap wants to play with another cat.

2. Teaching Little Kittens To Hunt

Cats Slap Each Other To Teach Little Kittens To Hunt. When a kitten is weaned, cats sometimes slap each other in a playful way to help him learn to hunt and to ensure that he has the necessary reflexes in an attack situation. These playful strokes teach the kittens that their hard outer shell can be used as a means of defense, and also teach them to make a lunge, and then pull their claws when they need to catch prey.

3. Aggression and Lack of resources interact

In some cases, cats can live peacefully together, but this is not always the case. When cats live in small spaces, they often get along quite well. Cats that live together and fight show interactive aggression, and maybe that's why they spank each other. Cats that slap each other due to aggression in interaction exhibit a completely different body language than those that slap each other to start the game. An aggressive cat looks tense. His ears are pressed against his head and his mustache is pressed against his face. They will vocalize, growl, whistle and scream.

Aggression between cats can be a difficult behavioral problem due to the differences between each cat, but aggression can also be caused by insufficient resources at home. Examples of resources are litter boxes and water bowls, but they can also include toys, beds, and vertical areas such as shelves and cat trees.

4. Predatory instincts

The cat, also known as a carnivore, feeds on animal proteins. This means that they are also small predators with a strong passion for prey. Feather sticks, bells, and laser pointers appeal to the natural instincts of your cat's prey. When cats don't have enough outlet for their instincts, they can start attacking their roommates or you. In addition to their playful body language, when your cat slaps another cat, it can act according to certain depressed hunting urges.

5. Illness and stress

If the cat is sick or feels unwell, it can push back the paw of other cats to try to prevent them from disturbing it. Sick cats are more afraid of other animals in the house.

They may be afraid of being hurt by other pets who inadvertently scratch or bite them. Unlike dogs, cats may not show visible changes in behavior in the same way. Studies have shown that in cats older than 6 years, 61% of them have found at least one and that many of them have changes in many chronic abnormalities visible on X-rays.

It should be noted that x-rays were used to diagnose arthritis in these cats, as opposed to observing changes in a cat's home environment. An elderly cat that seems to be active in its home environment may suffer from arthritis pain. One possible explanation for this is that they suffer in silence.

4 tips to prevent cats from slapping each other

Spanking cats are considered a natural behavior, but that doesn't mean it's perfect for them. Here are some ways to reduce the number of cats that spank each other:

 1. Several litter boxes can reduce conflicts in a house with several cats.

Thus, experts recommend placing a litter box on each level of your home and increasing the number of horizontal and vertical locations to reduce their difficulties. Shelves and cat trees in busy places, such as hallways, can be useful to calm cats, even if they have to live in cramped conditions.

   2. Make sure your cat is in good health

Cats are usually worried at the vet, which makes it difficult for your vet to accurately assess them for minor signs of arthritis; looking at your cat's annual check-ups can ensure that no diseases develop causing pain or suffering. Your veterinarian can determine if your cat has early arthritis by filming walking or jumping objects using your phone. It's a good idea to add a supplement to your cat's diet as she gets older. Your veterinarian can advise you on the best treatment for your cat.

  3. Spanking is the result of too many litter boxes

Interacting with aggressive people is not always easy, but there are several things you can do to relieve your cat's daily stress. Giving your cat a lot of litter boxes is a good start. According to most animal behavior experts, the ideal number of litter boxes in your home is the number of cats you have, plus one. If you have two cats, you should have three litter boxes.

 4. How likely is it that the cause is boredom?

If your cats are active just for fun, organize and schedule their playtime so that they are not overworked. A cat who has the same twenty minutes every day to attack his favorite toy or chase the elusive red dot may be less likely to initiate spontaneous fights with other family members. Catching prey at the end of the hunt is an important aspect of hunting, so a laser pointer may not be as desirable for cats. At the end of each hunt, you can offer a different toy on which they can jump and 'kill’.

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